While you read through this article you’ll definitely be thinking that you’ve been transported into a fictional tale of good and evil but in fact, there is truth behind every single one of these creatures. Including, dragons, hobbits and even mermaids.

4. Leprechaun


20. Hobbits

Surprisingly these tiny humans can be found in more than just Tolkien novels. In 2003 human remains were found on an Indonesian island, these ancient people stood at a diminutive three feet tall and their skulls were more than half the size of an average human. The discovery shed some light on just how little we really know about all the creatures that live in our world.

19. Moby Dick

While it is easy to believe the Herman Melville novel is nothing but a fantasy, turns out that it was based loosely on a gigantic white whale named Mocha Dick that attacked sailors off the coast of Chile. The real life massive sperm whale terrorized ships in the early 19th century and soon became quite a phenomenon. I suppose whale’s aren’t that friendly after all?

18. Elves

Once again you might be thinking elves only come alive in stories written for children but you would be wrong. Iceland has a slight obsession with the mythical beings, people even spend their days searching the grasslands and forests for the elusive pixie eared creatures. Seriously. While sightings are scarce, the people of Iceland swear their land is filled with fortune bringing creatures.

17. Fairies

Think evil, meddling Tinkerbell not the helpful and delightful one from Peter Pan. Now, this might surprise you but there are hundreds, nearly thousands of apparent fairy sightings each and every year. Instead of being the sweet, angelic faced one from Disney these ones are more sinister with the fairies wreaking havoc in gardens and manipulating men. There is even a Faery Investigation Society that Walt Disney himself was a member of.

16. Narwhols

This creature is anything but fiction! Made famous in novels like Moby Dick and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, this creature is actually pretty common in places like Greenland, Russia and Canada. They are sometimes referred to as the unicorn’s of the ocean.

15. Amazonian Women

While Superwoman might have you believe she was one of a kind, turns out ancient Amazonian women were basically the real deal. Just like the Vikings in the north, these fearless ladies were warriors and held their own in battle. Archaeological digs have found that some of the women chose to be buried with their horses and weapons just like their male counterparts.

14. Dire Wolf

Now, if you’re a fan of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones you’ll be pretty familiar with the mythical wolf that hunts in the north but is merely a legend in the south. In reality, this ancient wolf was a little bulkier and bigger than modern canines but was said to have battled alongside the now extinct sabre toothed tigers and American lions.

13. Chupacabra

While this story is a tad more sad than freaky, the real Chupacabra is merely a badly inbred mix of the domestic dog and it’s wild cousin. In Mexico the legend of a brutal, blood sucking creature that terrorized goat farmers is all truth. The creature has badly weakened teeth and as a result essentially has to drink it’s victims blood. Gross, but definitely true.

12. Loch Ness Monster

This legendary creature is by far one of the most iconic and has been capturing imaginations for decades. Since the first official sighting in the 1930’s there has been hundreds of photos taken that apparently prove its existence. However, it’s status as a menacing monster has been around as far back as the 6th century when good old Nessie started attacking people!

11. Big foot

Unless you’ve been living somewhere without a television or internet for the last 40 years, chances are you’ve seen the infamous photos of a mammoth like gorilla wandering through the forest. While a lot of big foot sightings turn out to be elaborate hoaxes, some truly believe he does exist. While the mythical beast has been a part of Native American folklore for generations, some sceptics still think it’s just a guy running around in a bear suit.

10. Dragons

Usually when you think of the fire breathing beasts that terrorize Princess’ the first thing that comes to mind isn’t an ancient creature that happens to be a distant cousin of the modern komodo. However, that’s exactly where the myth came from. The Megalania roamed what is now Australia about 50,000 years ago and was known for its bite and size. Some even claim to have seen the extinct reptile in recent years…

9. Mermaids

While a lot of little girls imagine a world where mermaids are real and spend their days using a fork to comb their hair and play with sea creatures, turns out there might more to this elusive creature than just children’s stories. For hundreds of years, as far back as the ancient Greeks, sailors have been convinced of the mermaid and her seductive power. In fact, they were apparently so powerful they could sink ships. Sightings are common, even today.

8. Imoogi

Ancient Korean tales of these baby dragons that eventually turn in to massive pythons that swim creepily through caves is frighteningly, quite true. While they never grew their wings and ascended into the skies to breathe fire there was a real life snake called Titanoboa that was about 14 meters in length and weighed about a tonne. Oh, and it could swallow a human in one bite. Don’t worry this monstrous creature went extinct a very long time ago.

7. Berserkers

Although today they are well known characters in video games, centuries ago Berserkers were renowned Norse swordsmen. Their tales of war and glory are told throughout many Icelandic poems and would apparently take hallucinogenic drugs just before battle in order to really get into the spirit of things. You know how you call someone berserk when they are going into a rage? Well, you have the mighty Vikings to thank for that.

6. Yowie

Think the Australian version of a Yeti, that also inspired a chocolate. There have been hundreds of reported sightings, mainly in outback Australia of this fabled creature. Like many mythical creatures rumours of its existence started with Indigenous stories and soon developed such a following that people have been convinced of it’s existence. However, with every sighting something seems to slightly change about the Yowie’s appearance. Some believe it was far taller than the average man while others claim it to be more hobbit like.

5. The Kraken

Most of what we know about the Kraken comes from either Pirates of the Caribbean or Wrath of the Titans, but there is actually some truth behind the villainous creature. There have been multiple discoveries of massive squids reaching up to 16ft in length! It’s most likely that the legend began with one overly zealous giant squid that scarred a whole bunch of sailors.

4. Leprechaun

While you probably have seen a whole lot of Leprechaun’s wandering the street every St. Patricks day turns out there might actually be some truth to their existence. For year’s Irish folklore has convinced some that with a good trap you can catch the little green man complete with his pot of gold. Tales of people setting up Leprechaun traps and waiting to lure the fairy in are more frequent than you think but usually they have the help of some powerful recreational drugs.


Okay, so this one is scarily accurate. While there are plenty of children’s stories and movies depicting the majestic creature galloping through paddocks, the reality was that it was a tad stockier and definitely a little scarier. The Siberian Unicorn disappeared more than 300,000 years ago but is thought to be where some of the myth comes from. Also, they couldn’t fly (but wouldn’t that be cool if they did?)

2. Yeti

Or the Abdominal Snowman as some people like to call him is creature believed to roam the Himalayan Mountains and first originated through Nepalese tales. Although today, it is more of a Western phenomenon than Tibetan or Nepalese. The number of reported sightings is astounding! From Russia, Spain and even Australia this once thought to be mythical creature has even Scientist’s stumped.

1. Pixies

Much like their mythical cousin the fairy, pixie’s have created a reputation of being lovely, gentle flying creatures but the reality is they are far more evil. From killing the family dog to putting spells on unsuspecting victims, these pixie’s mean business. Slightly larger than fairies and residing mainly in the English Moors sightings of these winged are common and have people worried.


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