There are giant people living among us. Some of them are so huge and strong that they are often referred as the Hulk. And some of them are very attractive.

Discover 22 real life giants!


Romario Dos Santos Alves

25-Year-old amateur bodybuilder from Brazil was facing a number of health issues after continuously using an injection known as Synthol. This enhancement oil increases the size of the muscles to enormous sizes,  Romario also enjoyed attention from children who playfully compared him to the Incredible Hulk. However, soon he started to feel constant pain. Synthol had hardened his muscles to the point where a needle wasn’t able to go through his skin. Romario almost suffered kidney failure, even worse still he came close to having both arms amputated! Somehow he got lucky enough that doctors were able to remove the leftover Synthol from his body without turning to amputation.

Arlindo De Souza (Brazil)

Arlindo De Souza

De Souza  is another Brazilian bodybuilder who wanted to cut corners and have the biggest muscles in town.  Just like Romario he became addicted to injecting himself with Synthol. As expected, his muscles grew quickly. The circumference of one of his biceps was 29 inches! However, De Souza confessed that he had lost a friend to the same drug as he was using, after the tragedy he stopped using the substance.

Denis Cyplenkov (Ukraine)

Cyplenkov is a Ukrainian born professional body builder and arm wrestling champion. It was at just 11 years old his strength and potential was realised, leading to his love of arm wrestling. Soon enough he became the European Junior Arm Wrestling Champion.. In both 2010 and 2011 Cyplenkov won the largest international arm wrestling tournament known as the “Nemiroff”. At a weight of over 300 lbs and biceps nearly 25 inches, it’s no wonder why Cynplenkov is frequently compared to the Incredible.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Iceland)

Game of Thrones fans might recognize this mammoth Icelandic man! He plays Ser Gregor Clegane, “The Mountain” in the show’s latest seasons. At a whopping 6 ft 9 and over 400 lbs, Bjornsson is not a man to be messed with. Apart from being an actor, Bjornsson is also a well-known strongman and former basketball player. He has consistently finished on the podium for the Word’s Strongest Man competition. He is so strong that he is able to deadlift 990lbs! That’s about six average sized people!


Shaquille O’Neal (Unites States)

New Jersey born O’Neal happens to be one of the most famous basketball players of all times. At 7ft 1 and weighing in at a mammoth 325 lbs, he was one of the heaviest players ever to play in the NBA. O’Neal’s natural athleticism and impressive skills on the court led him to have one of the greatest career that any basketball player could ever hope to achieve.Even after his retirement in 2011, he continues to be a legend of the sport.


Yao Ming (China)

yao-ming giant people china asia

This Chinese born basketball player is even taller than Shaq! Standing at 7’6 made him one of the tallest basketball player of all times. Ming was making a name for himself in the Chinese Basketball Association before switching to the NBA. In 2011 he announced his retirement was due to numerous foot and ankle related injuries.


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