Most of us think of leggy supermodels with shiny hair and perfectly perky breasts when someone asks us “What does a beautiful woman look like?” Turns out though, around the world every culture and country has a different idea of what beautiful really means. From crooked teeth to stretched earlobes here are just a few of the wacky and wonderful ways the world sees beauty.

South Korea

The ideal face shape for women in South Korea is a V shape, with a longer and more pointed jaw that creates the illusion of less face fat. Don’t worry if you’re not born with one though there are plenty of creams, serums, wraps and massages that apparently help you in your quest for the perfect shaped face. If all else fail’s you could instead opt for plastic surgery which has become increasingly popular in South Korea. Who knew having a pointed chin was a sign of beauty?



While you might have seen images of the infamous Maasai tribe of Kenya because of their extremely stretched earlobes, you probably didn’t realize it was considered extremely attractive. For the Maasai men and women, the more stretched the better! It is a symbol of power and strength and also indicates how long that person has been part of the tribe for. That sure is a stretch just to look beautiful!



While most families in the United States and other Western cultures spend thousands on braces each year to try and achieve a picture perfect smile, a new craze has swept across Japan that encourages people to have crooked teeth. The more snaggle tooth the better! Yaeba is the process of adding on caps to your teeth to make them appear to be doubled up, apparently it makes women look more youthful and cute which to the Japanese is beauty.

North America

We have Kim Kardashian and Beyonce to thank for this one. Unless you are living in a cave somewhere you have probably seen the rise of the big booty phenomenon. While in the 90’s the waif like figure was admired, today the bigger the bum the better. From implants, padded underwear and even injecting silicone into the cheeks, it really is incredible how far some will go just to have the perfect bum.


Much like the tribes in Kenya, lip plates are an ancient and revered tradition in the Amazon. Once a woman hits puberty she enters into a somewhat scary world of lip plates, once her bottom two teeth are removed to make way for the plate she will then spend the rest of her life increasing the size of the plate.Much like the booty in The United States, the bigger the plate the more desirable the woman is. They say beauty is pain right?


Even though the practice of foot binding was banned by the Chinese government in 1912, the lasting effects of it still haven’t yet worn off. For centuries little girls as young as five were forced to have their toes bent underneath their feet and bound so that their feet would stay child-like. It was a symbol of wealth and also meant you couldn’t work so obviously you had money. So, if you were poor and had to work on your feet all day, sorry you’re not beautiful in Imperialist China.


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